Momence is a great place to live with so much to offer! 

Located 50 miles due south of Chicago and 15 miles east of the Kankakee/Bradley/Bourbonnais metropolitan area, Momence area residents enjoy their rural surroundings as well as close proximity to many urban amenities.

The City of Momence has a population of approximately 3,300, with the surrounding Momence and Ganeer townships providing an additional 2,800 people to the immediate area. The population of Kankakee County in its entirety is approximately 113,400.

The City of Momence and surrounding area are served by a well-equipped force of 32 volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians. The Greater Momence Fire Protection District serves an area of 92 square miles and a population of 12,000. A modern station contains nine fire trucks, a rescue boat, portable power plant as well as the contracted advance life support ambulance service that responds to local enhanced 911 calls.

A police force, consisting of both full-and part-time officers, has helped make Momence’s crime rate one of the lowest in Kankakee County. The Department is supplemented by a full-time K-9 officer and dog, and provides foot patrols in the downtown business district. The City’s officers are technologically equipped with timely law enforcement information disseminated by Kankakee County’s New World Networking System.

The City Council consists of an elected mayor and eight aldermen, two representing each of the four wards. The council meets twice monthly in City Hall chambers located at 123 W. River.

Momence Fire Department

Average Home Price

Older Home: $105,000
Newer Home: $165,000


Real Estate Tax Rates*

Momence: $6.48
Manteno: $8.11
Grant Park: $8.29
Bourbonnais: $7.65
Bradley: $7.43
St. Anne: $9.93
Kankakee: $11.90

*City of Momence rates are $6.48 per every $100 of assessed real estate value.